7 Best Apps to Watch VR Movies in 2022

Virtual Reality is changing the whole world as we know it. There is currently a reasonable amount of Virtual Reality content available which anyone could experience right now. However, some of those VR devices and services can cost a lot of money. Hopefully, they will be more affordable in the future. So Let’s dive in and check out these apps which allow you to watch VR movies in 2022.

How to Watch VR Movies?

Watching a VR movie is not that different from watching a movie through a streaming site. However, you do need a VR headset in order to get a Virtual Reality Movie experience. When you have that setup, all you need to do is download the app of your choice, and you are set to go. You can download the apps to your Android, iPhone, PC or download the movie to PC and stream via mirrored server.

These VR apps have a lot of features, such as some lets you watch VR movies with your friends, some illustrating a cinematic theatre experience, so choosing an app could be really hard. So we’ve reviewed the seven best VR apps you can use to watch movies today.

Best Apps to Watch VR Movies


CINEVR gives the best movie theater virtual reality compared to other VR apps. The app includes seven theaters and seven atmospheres that the user can choose from. Watching a 3D movie in a cinematic theater with your friends and loved ones who can be anywhere in the world is a great feature CINEVR has. They have over 100 2D and 3D movies on demand that you can stream, and you can also stream locally hosted videos, and the app automatically detects subtitles.

02. Skybox VR 

Skybox allows you to stream locally hosted movies to multiple devices simultaneously. It supports all VR platforms available such as Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, HP Reverb, Valve Index. Skybox VR player gives you extra control over the videos you wish to share with others via the VR player. The player supports all video formats so that you can stream 4K movies and even 8K videos using Skybox VR Player.

03. Prime Video VR

Prime Video VR is Amazon’s platform that provides a VR movie experience. Many of Amazon’s original series, such as Jack Ryan, Bosch, Fleabag, The Man in the High Castle, is available to watch in VR with your friends online. Amazon is currently adding more features to this platform to make it a more enjoyable experience.

04. Netflix VR 

Watch your favorite Netflix series in your VR headset by simply downloading the Netflix VR app to your Android device and then Sync with the VR headset. For iPhone users, you need to mirror the stream through the PC, and then you need to transfer it to your iOS device, which is a bit complicated process. Once you log in, you will be able to see the “Living Room Environment,” where you can stream the movies and shows from Netflix.

05. Bigscreen VR

Using Bigscreen VR you can stream movies, watch news channels, sports, twitch, play games and even work together with your colleagues in a virtual space. The app also includes a library with over 100 2D and 3D movies from where you can rent movies from. The developers are constantly adding more features such as large host rooms to make the virtual reality experience more enjoyable for its users.

06. Virtual Desktop

This app connects your PC to the VR headset and uses the headset as a large virtual reality monitor. Using this app anyone could watch a movie on a really big screen from your sofa. And it is not just about movies you can also play games or use any of your favorite streaming services online.

07. Disney Movies VR

The best way to experience Disney is to walk through its theme parks without a doubt. It may not be the same but, now you can walk through Disney theme parks without leaving your room using the Disney Movies VR app. You can experience some of the scenes from Disney movies with Disney, Pixar, Star Wars characters. Unfortunately, you can’t still access every Disney movie using the Disney Movie VR app.

The Bottom Line

Watching VR movies is a great way to socialize with your friends and have a great time with your loved ones especially when you can’t be at the same place at the same time. And it is pretty much easy to watch VR movies using the apps we’ve picked for you.