4 Proven Ways to Watch Live Cable TV Online Free

A lot of people use Cable TV daily to watch their favorite tv shows, movies, news, and more programs. In fact, there were around 1.1 Million daily viewers who watched the MSNBC channel alone. And most of the famous Cable TV channels such as CNN, FOX had around 1 Million daily viewers only in 2020 December.

Even though there are tons of things to watch on those channels most people would agree that Cable TV cost more than it should be. And not everyone could afford to pay for cable TV. There are ways that you could watch live cable tv online free legally where you don’t have to buy a Cable TV subscription.

How To Watch Live Cable TV Online Free


Use Free Live TV Streaming Sites

An easier way to watch live cable tv online for free would be using free streaming websites that stream live tv from various cable tv channels. You could use any of your devices including your smartphones to watch live tv via these streaming sites. And most of these websites do not require any signup, no annoying ads, and pop-ups. All you have to do is simply search the channel you want and choose it, then click the play button and you’re ready to go.

However, there are also live tv streaming websites that require registration first, or annoying ads and not to mention not all streaming websites are legal. And watching even live tv via illegal websites is taken as a crime and you may get punished for it. But there are also a lot of legal streaming websites where you could watch live cable tv free.

Get The Max Out of Streaming Trials

Nowadays most people use streaming subscriptions to watch movies, tv shows, and even live TV. But those subscriptions can cost a lot of money monthly or yearly. And if you can’t afford those subscriptions there is a way that you could get it for a limited time period. Most of those streaming subscriptions provide a streaming trial for free to their potential customers for a limited time. It could be a month or a few or sometimes even a year.

While these streaming trials cost no money, they do most of the time require a credit card to activate the trial. You won’t be charged until the trial period is over. If you don’t want to purchase the subscription after the trial period you could cancel it. Be aware that there are some trials that charge money and inside the trial period you could ask for a refund if you cancel the trial. There are a lot of streaming trials available and get the most out of them when you can.

Watch With Your Friends

If you have already tried the above options and you still can’t watch live tv via those ways there is another way you could do it. But it does require a friend of yours or someone you know well who has access to cable tv subscriptions or live tv subscriptions. If your friend is watching live tv via their computer or smartphone by using the cable TV website, you could ask them to share their screen with you.

To do this your friend may need to use software like Zoom, Microsoft teams, or a similar one. This method would only work if the person you asking is someone you really know. And this wouldn’t be a good way to watch live cable tv online free for a long period of time.

Borrow Logins From Friends

Sharing streaming account logins between your family members and friends happens all the time. Some may think that this hardly happens, but studies show that one-fifth of young adults share their streaming accounts with others they know. While it’s not considered piracy (yet) it may not be ethical. However, some streaming services like Amazon Prime Video say that “Amazon Household allows you to share Amazon benefits with other adult, teens, and children in your household.” while specifying streaming service sharing by highlighting”in your household”.

If you are not sure about this read and find more information on the streaming website’s privacy policy. Still, if you feel guilty about sharing logins with your friends you could offer them to pay a little bit of a subscription fee or you can always choose not to ask for logins from your friends.