8 Best Movies Like Home Alone

Home alone is a movie series that most people love to watch, especially during the holiday season. It’s about a boy who mistakenly left home alone when his family goes on vacation for holidays fighting two burglars who try to break into his house. If you are looking for movies like home alone that means you are looking for a movie that’s humourous, the holiday feels to watch with your family. So we have put together a list of similar movies to home alone, which you could enjoy without a doubt.

The Best Movies Like Home Alone


01. Baby’s Day Out (1994)

Baby Bink who lives in a mansion with his sweet parents has everything he needs. But all the people in the world are as innocent and sweet as their parents. This is where something unfortunate happens. One day three kidnappers who pretend to be a photographer for a newspaper kidnaps baby Bink. But things didn’t work out how they thought they would be and they lose the little rascal. It seems that baby Bink is smarter than the three kidnappers and he manages to stay one step ahead all the time. Now both cops and kidnappers are looking for the baby, but will they find him in time?

02. The War with Grandpa (2020)

It all starts when grandpa who everybody loves comes to stay with Peter and his family. But when he does Peter has to give the room he loves to his grandpa, and he is furious about it. Peter’s ready to do absolutely everything possible to get grandpa to leave his room and get it back. Will the grandpa give Peter the room back? would he endure Peters’s attempts to get back his room?

03. Problem Child (1990)

Dark humor movie about an orphaned seven-year-old boy named Junior who often causes chaos in other people’s lives. One day he gets adopted by Ben and Flo Healy when they learn that Flo is infertile and can’t conceive. From there, Junior makes their lives hell in the morning, causes destruction and he even gets friends with a known serial killer Martin Beck (a.k.a The Bow Tie Killer). The Bow Tie killer has the intention of hurting Junior while Ben tries to rescue Junior from Martin Beck.

04. Dennis the Menace (1993)

Think everyone had at least watch or read one of the famous comics out there “Dennis the Menace” which launched in 1951. In the Dennis the Menace movie, Dennis’s parents have to go out of town for business. Since they couldn’t find another babysitter for Mrs. Wilson agrees to watch him over until Michelle get back home. Everything Dennis does drives Mr. Wilson crazy even though he is just trying to help. During a party, a violent thief named Switchblade Sam tries to break into the Wilson’s to steal Mr. Wilson’s antique coin collection. And that’s when he takes Dennis hostage.

05. Beethoven (1992) 

A St. Bernard becomes the best friend of Newton’s family when the father is a workaholic and does not like to bring a dog into the family. But his wife and kids convince him that they will do the work and they name the dog Beethoven. While getting the center of attention of Newton’s family Beethoven grows into a very big dog. That’s when Beethoven gets the attention of Vetranarian Doctor Varnick who is not a good man.

06. Uncle Buck (1989)

Uncle Buck is not the first name that pop’s into mind when babysitting the kids of his brother. But during a family crisis, uncle Buck is left in charge of the kids which turns out to be a disaster. He wins his brother’s kids’ hearts by doing things in new ways such as cooking and laundry. But his niece and girlfriend are not very fond of his carefree style. So, he must change his lifestyle if he wants to be a responsible caregiver even though it is not easy for him.

07. The Spy Next Door (2020)

Bob Ho, a retired CIA spy falls in love with a divorced woman with three kids. None of the people around him including his girlfriend does not know that he is a spy, they think he is a boring character working at a pen importing company. One day he is given the hardest task he might have faced in his lifetime, watching his girlfriend’s three kids. Bob uses technology from the CIA to control the kids, but one day Ian downloads a secret program sent to Bob accidentally and that when everything goes into chaos.

08. Christmas Break-In (2018)

When a blizzard hits the town, Izzy a nine-year-old gets left alone in school the day before Christmas since her parents couldn’t get to her in time. That’s when the school janitor gets kidnapped by a few guys freezing in an Ice Cream truck. Seeing this Izzy decides that it’s up to her to save the janitor from the kidnappers. You could say that Christmas Break-In is the girl version of home alone, but with bad acting, and no lesson for the viewers.