Best 8 Movies Like After We Collided

After We Collided is the second movie of After series that was based on the 2014 adult romance novel series After by Anna Todd. The whole story revolves around the relationship of Hardin a young boy with a troubled past and Tessa. If you have already watched After We Collided 2020 and want to watch another movie or a few similar to After We Collided, We have put together a list of eight movies like after we collided which you could watch until another movie from the After series comeback.

Best 8 After We Collided Similar Movies 


01. After 

This is a movie based on the first novel of the After series by Anna Todd. The original of the After We Collided that premiered in 2019, which started the whole after movie series. If you haven’t still had the time to give it a peek you must watch that one first. Tessa, a college freshman meets a boy named Hardin at a party that her friend invited her to attend. At the party, Hardin tries to kiss Tessa but she rejects him since she already has a boyfriend. She decides to tell this to her boyfriend but Hardin says to her that he does not date. Now she has to face the ultimate question, what she wants in her life.

02. The Kissing Booth

Elle Evans a high school student who never has had a kiss before decides to run a kissing booth in her high school’s Spring Carnival. She and Flynn have been best friends and have developed a deep connection since they were little because their mothers grew up together. Although they’ve been best friends until now Elle has a secret that she never told Flynn before, she has a secret crush on his brother Noah. But Noah’s off-limits because of the friendship fact between Elle and Flynn and now Ell’ have to make the ultimate choice between keeping the pact or following her heart. The Kissing Booth came out in 2018 and the Kissing Booth 2 came out in 2020. According to the news Kissing Booth, 3 will be premiered in 2021.

03. One Day

A romantic movie based on the One Day 2009 novel by David Nicholls. This film follows two graduates from the same university, Emma and Dexter on 15 July 1988 where they agree to be just friends and spend an amazing night together. As time goes on they meet other people living different lives. One day meeting Emma for dinner, Dexter gets high on cocaine flirts with another woman. So, even though Emma really likes Dexter she tells him that she doesn’t like him anymore. Meanwhile, Emma gets into a relationship with Ian, despite their lack of chemistry between them. But in the midst of their relationships, both Dexter and Emma realize that they belong together.

04. To the All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

A shy high school student Lara Jean always writes a letter for every crush she has, but she never sends them out. Her last crush is her childhood friend Josh who was the boyfriend of Lara’s older sister. One day Lara’s little sister find those said letters when Lara fell asleep. The next day Lara was confronted by one of her former crushes, then another one. That’s when she figures out that her letters have been sent. Lara kisses Peter one of her crushes to throw Josh off and she explains to peter why she kissed him even though he seems okay with it. Eventually, everybody thinks that Lara is dating Peter, but things take a turn for the worst. Later on, Lara Jean finds out who sent out the letters that she was afraid to send. Will Lara be able to explain everything to her crushes? what will happen between Josh & Lara?

05. Five Feet Apart

A romantic comedy movie about two teenagers, Stella and Will who share the same disease called cystic fibrosis and Will is in the hospital to participate in a medical trial to get rid of a bacterial infection in the lungs. Cystic Fibrosis patients are kept six feet apart to avoid infection since it’s life-threatening for CF patients to get a bacterial infection. Stella likes to stick by the rules while Will is not, he likes the thrill. Eventually, they fall for each other and they go on their first date staying five feet apart. Stella gets Will to stick to the rules of his medical trial. They have to face a lot of hardships with no ends seems to be. Even though they have chemistry together will they be able to maintain a long-lasting relationship?

06. Endless Love 

Ever since David a high school student with a troubled past sees Jade a privileged high school student in tenth grade, he has a crush on her even though he had never talked to her before. After their high school graduation, one day Jade and her family go to the Inn that David works as a valet. As they madly fall in love with each other their bond grows strong as both of their parents try to break them up. But unfortunately, David gets landed in jail while trying to protect his friends, and Hugh bails him out on the condition that he breaks up with Jade. After a while David gets another chance to try it with Jade, could their relationship last longer with their parent’s disapproval? Will they survive the hardships they face?

07. The Spectacular Love

Sutter Kelly a hard-partying high school senior who is popular in his high school one day gets dumped by his girlfriend. He went out to a bar and after getting drunk he blacks out. The very next day he woke up to Aimee, a girl who he never knew before. Sutter asks Aimee to tutor him and they go to a party together. Aimee is a dreamer but she doesn’t want to go to college since she has to take care of her sick mother. He also takes her to his sister’s a. One day Aimee decides to go to college and asks Sutter to join her and go to college together, which he hesitantly agrees to even though he has different goals than Aimee. Will Sutter’s and Aimee’s relationship get stronger or weaker because they have different goals? How their relationship will be tested and how will they face them?

08. About Time

At the age of 21 Tim Lake learns from his father that men in his family have the ability to travel in time. Even though Tim can’t change the history he can’t change what has happened in his life to make his life and the world a better place. James, Tim’s father warns that don’t use this ability to gain money or fame so he decides to use time travelling ability to improve his love life. But getting a girlfriend is not easy as he thought it would be even with time travelling abilities. One day he meets a girl named Mary and they fall in love with each other, but Tim’s time travelling gets in the way of their relationship. By an accident time travel She forgets everything about Tim. So, Tim is forced to use time travelling to meet Mary again and again until she fells for him. Will it ever happen? How many times would he have to time travel to win Mary’s heart?