15 Proven Ways to Watch Local Channels Without Cable

After a tiresome day, most people like to have a nice time watching TV shows or other programs they love broadcast on local TV networks such as CBS, FOX, ABC, the CW. They use a cable connection to catch up with these shows and hardly ever realize that they can really watch local channels without cable in the United States.

Using these would help save the enormous amount of money that you spent on cable or satellite tv monthly. Additionally, you would be also able to catch some premium channels as well.

How to watch local channels without cable

01. Antenna

Nowadays only a few people use an antenna to watch tv programs due to the popularity of cable networks and streaming services. However, you could still watch your favorite local tv networks by using a TV antenna.

With the improvement of technology in TV antennas, you would be able to get a better picture than cable for free (without the cost of the antenna of course). Using a TV antenna instead of using a cable would help you cut down the cable fee completely which would save you a lot of money. And depending on your location you will also be able to catch premium channels added to the local tv networks for free.

If you are interested in an antenna check out this 29$ HDTV antenna from U MUST HAVE from Amazon, which has a 250-mile radius range. It comes with an indoor amplified signal booster and 18 feet COAX cable and AC adapter.

Streaming Services with Local TV Channels

The most famous choice among cord-cutters is using streaming services which cost far less than cable services. And if you are looking to watch local tv without cable or satellite tv services using streaming services would be a great option. Especially, if you are in an area the antenna won’t work properly.

02. Hulu Live TV

You can catch up with a lot of local networks such as ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, CW using Hulu Live TV service. It includes no contract so you can cancel the subscription anytime without much hassle. It supports Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, and more platforms.

03. Fubo TV

Fubo TV is a great choice to stream local tv networks such as FOX, CBS, NBC, CW, Univision and you could also watch sports channels such as belN, FS1, FS2, and more. This streaming service is available on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and other platforms. If you would like to find out what channels are available before subscribing to Fubo TV, you can use this 7 Day Free Trial.

04. Sling TV

Another famous and affordable streaming service that you could use to watch local tv networks. It includes a lot of local channels such as FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, and more. And they offer a free trial where you could try out their service for free for seven days.

05. Youtube TV

Youtube TV offers full access to local tv networks without cable and is quite an affordable streaming service offered by Google. You can access over 60 local channels including US Network, AMC, FX, IFC, and more for just 40$ a month.

06. Vidgo

This streaming service streams around 100 channels including FOX, FXX, ABC. However, they do not stream CBS and NBC. Vidgo has a few pricing plans you could pick and they also offer a 7-day free trial which you could try before subscribing to the service.

Network TV Apps

Tv networks such as NBC, ABC, CBS have apps that are available for free. Unfortunately, you can’t stream your network through them however you can access the free content on those apps. Although they might not be the ones you are expecting still worth a look, if you are lucky you may find some of the shows you love on those apps.

 07. ABC App

If you are a fan of The Good Doctor, Grey’s Anatomy, Press Your Luck, Station 19, and Supermarket Sweep this app is a must-have. The episodes are available for free on the ABC app. However, you may have to log in to your account before streaming the show. However, the locked episodes will only be unlocked 8 days after the original time it aired on TV.

 08. NBC App

You can watch full episodes for free on the NBC app or their website NBC.com without an account. However, you still have to wait 8 days after the episode aired on TV.

 09. CBS App 

There are several series you could watch on the CBS app or their website CBS.com for free. However, some shows are not available for free.

 10. PBS App

PBS also provides a lot of online content and you could watch full episodes for free on their website PBS.com.

 11. CW App

If you are a fan of DC comic tv series such as Arrow, The Flash, or series such as Supernatural CW app has up-to-date full episodes which you could watch online for free.

 12. FXNOW App

You can watch FX tv programs for free however you still need to have an active subscription to a TV provider with an FX network.

13. FOX App

This app does let you stream full episodes for free but they delay episodes for people who do not have a current cable or satellite tv subscription.

Freebie Services

If you are after local news, then you can survive without cable using free news streaming services such as Amazon News, News ON. They offer free news update from the US very quickly and you could get whether information using this method as well.

14. NewsON

This app lets you get the latest news updates from over 275 channels and over 165 channels in the US market. It is completely free to download and rather easy to use compared to other free streaming apps available. And it’s available on many devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire, iOs, and Android devices.

15. Haystack News

Another local news app that streams local news, global news, and national stations. If you are rather interested in local news than national news it’s another free news streaming app you could use. It will keep you updated on your city news in your feed.

In a Nutshell

Since the cease of Locast, many people have been interested in ways to watch local channels without cable or satellite networks. Even though Locast is likely to never come back still there are valuable options you could use without much trouble. As you can see even though the many options you have the best way to save money and watch local networks without cable is by using an antenna.

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