Books vs Movies: Which Is Better

Books vs Movies is a question that simply a lot of people thought about. Books were the first materials used to create movies to attract people and improve performance. So, they are related to each other.

In an educational environment that would be the best or entertainment-wise, most seem to ask. Some will scream that movies are better than books, and others will say the opposite.

So, let’s find out what is better in this simple read by going over the advantages and disadvantages of them both.

Advantages of  Watching Movies

advantages of movies vs books

01. Experience

When you watch a movie, you can sense the actor’s moment and feelings by just observing the movie through your device. When reading a book, you have to feel the character’s personality (s) every time to understand the story much cleared.

02. Time 

Movies run two to three hours at the most, and you can quickly get through it with the popcorn and snacks lying around. But finishing a book can take a couple of days, depending on the reading speed, page count, and more factors.

03. Music

The movies have used music throughout to make it feel more authentic experience. Whether it’s a scary, funny, or romantic moment, you can genuinely feel it due to the background music they have used in those scenes.

04. Engaging 

Reading a book for a couple of days, commenting on the chapters, and talking with the people about the book is pretty engaging. Still, you are reading the book alone and enjoying it alone. Others will have to read it to experience the scenes you describe. However,  you can watch a movie with your loved ones and appreciate, feel those scenes at the same time without being alone.

05. Understandable

Compared to books, movies are way simpler to understand. Some books have language that most people find hard to understand or take a lot of time to understand. However, in movies, authors use more easy-to-understand language so anyone of any age can understand the dialog better.

06. Technology

With the technological advances today you could experience movies more lively and clearly on your screen at the lowest cost. For example, watching a movie a couple of years ago on SD or HD and experiencing it is way different today compared to watching 4K movies through your screen.

Advantages of Books

advantages of books vs movies

01. The Originals

Movies are usually made out of the stories in the books with changes. Many dialogs, scenes, and even characters will be changed in the movie. And the viewers will most likely lose the experience of the original story due to these changes. When reading the book, you could experience the actual phrases, characters without the cut in the script.

02. Easy to Use

Well, while watching a movie is a pretty easy thing to do, reading a book may be easier than it looks. Since watching a movie requires buying/renting a movie or subscribing to a streaming service and not to mention a television that needs electricity to watch, Books do not require any of those mentioned.

03. The Feels

Movies take less time to get through, without a doubt. However, you can enjoy a book for a couple of days, even weeks. It is almost like watching a tv show for a couple of weeks. And you are watching movies from someone else’s perspective, but when reading a book you would have your own view and feel it in your own mind.

04. The Educator

Like we said above, movies have the most easy-to-understand language while books have rather hard-to-understand sentences. But this is also where the more learning experience lies, especially if you are looking to learn more about a language, its vocabulary, and sentences styles.

05. The Sleep

A lot of people suffer from a lack of sleep which could lead to many harmful events, diseases. But if you could include reading a book in your daily routine, studies have found that it can help you fall asleep quicker, which would reduce anxiety, stress and have a better life.

The Bottom Line: Books vs Movies

Books vs Movies is a pretty hot topic to talk about and something that is tough to make a pick. This can also depend on the movie or the book because nobody will pick a textbook over a movie. It may really depend on your situation, and going through this simple read and asking these questions yourself, you may realize the answer.