Best 6 UK Reality TV Shows

US television shows in various genres sci-fi, fantasy, crime, thriller, mystery, drama may be the best but when it comes to reality shows UK Reality Shows dominates the US Reality shows.  And there are a lot of UK Reality Tv Shows that people around the world watch non-stop, especially US residents who seem to watch more British Reality Shows than US Reality Shows. Most of them are really entertaining and you could see awesome demographic locations in the United Kingdom in almost every episode.

Since there are a lot of reality shows to watch, it could be hard to find the best ones to watch regularly. So, we have put together a list of the best UK reality tv shows to watch anywhere in the world.


01. The Great British Bake Off

Like to watch a bunch of amateur bakers compete against each other to get crowned as the best British amateur baker? This British reality tv show was started in 2010 and by 2021 they have made eleven seasons consists of 143 episodes that of one hour run time. If you like baked food and the awesome challenges that these amateur bakers would face on live television this would be a great British reality show to watch.

02. Ex on the Beach

A British reality show with a twisted plot, when a group of hotties shows up at a beach they are surprised by bringing their exes to the beaches. The story could go both ways which are either looking for another chance at a relationship that’s already broken or simply seeking revenge. Not much of a contest but seeing how they react to being together at the same place kind of thing where anything could happen.

03. Million Pound Menu

A reality show hosted by Fred Sirieix where participants try to convince the investors that their start-up restaurant ideas could work. This is a bit similar to the reality show “Chopped” but much more intense and could be the Shark Tank for restaurant owners. If the participants can get good reviews from the customer’s investors will give offers and restaurants get the chance to choose the investors.

04. Made In Chelsea

Made in Chelsea is a scripted reality show that records the life of the best-looking British young people in their twenties mostly surrounds the cast’s relationships, heartbreaks, and antics. You could say that this is the UK Reality Tv Show version of Gossip Girl.  So far It already has cast 236 episodes in twenty seasons. If you are sitting at home bored and need to watch something and you couldn’t find something worth watching, you should give this one a try.

05. Embarrassing Bodies 

Award-winning British Medical documentary reality show broadcasted by Channel 4 started in 2007 and there were 80 episodes broadcasted in eight seasons until 2015. This show features people in the UK with embarrassing health problems and the doctors who try to do their best to treat them.  Although it has not been broadcasted again since 2015 it has not yet decided to decommission the show but it seems that it’s a sitting duck for now.

06. The Great Pottery Throw Down

This is a reality competitive series similar to The Great British Bake Off show and The Great British Sewing Bee show but focusing on a craft of pottery competition. This British reality tv show strated broadcasting in 2015 on BBC Two for two seasons then third season was picked up by Channel 4’s More4 and in the U.S HBO Max preserved the rights to broadcast the Great Pottery Throw Down in 2020. If you love pottery and really in need of watching a British Reality show this one is a great choice.