15 Best Romance Movies to Watch in 2021

These days almost every movie has some kind of romantic subplot whether it’s about unrequited love, about a crush, or love at first sight. Whether the movie is a sci-fi, comedy, thriller, mystery, or even horror they have a romantic plot blended in. There are also romantic movies that are merely focused on that part and maybe with much more comedy or drama. So, it’s really hard to find a good romantic movie to watch with someone you love dearly. So, we have put together a list of the best romance movies to watch in 2021 (will be updated) with your loved one and some popcorn nearby.

15 Best Romance Movies to Watch in 2021


01. Forest Gump (1994)

Ever heard the saying “the greatest love is most challenging”? This movie tells a story about an Alabama man named Forrest Gump with a 75 IQ who lived through many historical events such as Vietnam War, Wargate attempts to win over his childhood sweetheart “Jenny”.

02. Titanic (1997)

This movie is about the sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1992 with an epic disastrous romantic story of Jack a poor boy and Rose a rich girl. At that time falling in love with a rich girl was not considered a good thing. Titanic also contains the most beautiful romantic song “My Heart Will Go On” by Céline Dion.

03. The Notebook (2004)

A movie based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks telling an on and off love story wrapped around an ancient house between a poor young man and a rich young girl in the ’40s. Will they be able to finally be together forever?

04. Good Will Hunting (1997)

A troubled young man named Will Hunting whos really good at mathematics decides to works at M.I.T as a janitor. One day he meets his soul mate who opens his heart and mind, which helps him use his skills like never before.

05. The Secret in Their Eyes (2009)

This is an award-winning Argentian movie about unrequited love. Unlike most romance movies out there this thriller mystery base its story around many feelings true love, real friendship, revenge. After watching this one you’ll definitely add it to your binge-watching collection.

06. A Walk To Remember (2001)

It’s not your typical bad guy falling in with the good girl story but an aimless high schoolboy falling in love with a girl that once he and his friends bullied. Two of them develops a strong relationship while something devastating was waiting to happen.

07. A Star is Born (2018)

A musical drama from 2018 about a country musician who has troubles with depression, alcoholism with a sad ending. After meeting a girl who performs well at a local bar, he helps her to get on stage and falls for her and they eventually get married. But could they be happy forever?

08. The Lucky One (2012)

A U.S. Marine Sargent returns home after his third tour in Iraq with the one thing that saved his life, a photograph of a girl he doesn’t know. One day he decides to search for her with his dog Zeus, and after walking miles and miles he finds her. Will he able to explain why he searched for her? and what’s the romantic part of this? gonna leave that part for you to watch.

09. Love and Basketball (2000)

A story around two professional basketball players named Monica & Quincy who are childhood friends but play for different teams. While they are competitive they fall in love with each other, will the basketball teams threaten their relationship?

10. Deadpool (2016)

This Marvel Superhero comedy with a romance subplot tells a story about a man whose face is disfigured after going through a rogue experiment trying to find the person who did the experiment and seek revenge. Might not be the best romance movie to watch but this movie basically tells you that your face doesn’t matter if you have a serious relationship with your partner.

11. Carol (2015)

Might wanna get your popcorn and slowly taste through this movie with your loved one. This masterpiece about two women who develop a beautiful connection and fall in love with each other and about the hardships they have to face in their lives.

12. Life is Beautiful (1998)

A real-life prince charming meets his woman in dreams and doing everything possible to win her heart over. He succeeds but that’s when this lovely story takes a serious turn and teach the world that love and family is the most important thing of everything.

13. Sleeping With Other People (2015)

Would cheaters be able to fall in love with someone for real? This movie is about two serial cheaters who meet accidentally after twelve years decides to fix their problem together. They make a pact to stay friends and disregard their feelings but will they be able to do that?

14. Before Sunrise (1995)

An epic story about a young man and woman who meets for the first time on a train to Europe decided to get off the train in Vienna acting on their impulses and have their own kind of adventure. But they both know that this will only last one night, or will they find a way to stay together for a very long time.

15. Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

When a relationship is going too well eventually it will hit a barrier, in this movie it’s family. This movie is about a girl who invited to meet his boyfriend’s family in Singapore where she finds out her boyfriend’s family is crazy rich. Even though they have a good relationship family gets in the way of it. Eventually, boyfriend will have to make the ultimate decision between his girlfriend/fiancee or his family.