Best 15 Police Tv Shows to Watch in 2021

For those whole love to watch the action, crime, thriller, mystery drama with a bit of comedy and sci-fi there are military tv shows and police tv shows. But not all tv series are worth watching, and not all of the people’s taste is the same. Most cop tv series include investigations of various cases, investigation of corrupt police offices, shootouts, conspiracies, cyber crimes and even sometimes forensic investigation parts. There are cop tv shows that are worth watching and maybe even some are worth binge-watching. So we have put together a list of the best police tv shows that you could watch in 2021.

Best 15 Police Tv Shows to Binge-Watch


01. The Shield

Corrupt cops are words that everybody is familiar with these days. This is a police tv show that revolves around a corrupt cop in the Los Angeles Police department and his team’s daily lives and their cases. This experimental team has a huge success rate (fake arrests, taking shares of drug busts kind of thing) where their captain gets suspicious and place another member on the team. But the suspicious of the loyalty of the new member, Mackey fatally shoots him and frames the suspect during a bust. The consequences of this decision are showed throughout the whole tv series. The Shield is a crime, thriller from 2002 that was premiered on the FX network and lasted for 8 seasons following 89 episodes.

02. NCIS

Action and crime drama about special agents (also called navy cops) from Naval Criminal Investigative Service based out of Washington D.C that investigates cases of U.S.Navy and Marine Corps. NCIS is being broadcasted on CBS since 2003 still, and in 2020 they decided to renew the show for season 18. The show has a lot of important and unique characters, Gibbs with the special gut feeling, Tony the joker, McGee the newbie (still on the show), Abby the Gothic-inspired forensic investigator, Ducky the medical examiner, and Lean the Director of NCIS (current). There are also three NCIS shows you could watch including NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans which feature some awesome characters.

03. The Wire

The Wire was an HBO series that focuses on Baltimore’s drug scene from the perspective of both law enforcement and drug dealers. This could be the best cop series so far with realistic and complex characters, a great cast, awesome storytelling, and a very detail-oriented environment. You could also see how the system works and fails in this series, also how cops, gangsters have their similarities. The Wire was broadcasted for five seasons that had sixty episodes with a one-hour run time and it was able to receive a 9.3/10 IMDB rating and 97% rating on rotten tomatoes.

04. Blue Bloods

Reagans are a New York Cop family including a retired police commissioner, current police commissioner, and his kids working as law enforcement as detective, police officers, and district attorney. Blue blood tells the story of their daily lives, the cases they have to solve, their discussions at Sunday dinner, and how their decisions affect their lives and everyone around them at the end of the day. This tv series is still being broadcasted on CBS and so far there were eleven seasons. Blue blood series was able to get a 7.6/10 overall IMBD rating which is pretty good for a tv series about cops.

06. Dexter

This is a tv series based on the Dexter book series by Jeff Lindsay. The story focuses on Dexter Morgan a blood splatter analyst from the Miami Police who solve cases for the police department in the morning and become a vigilante serial killer that hunts down people who slipped from the police in the night. From another perspective, you could say that this is a tv series about an actor who’s really acting in his real-life (inside the show). He maintains his identity, his relationship with his sister and co-workers well enough not to get caught even though he is a sociopath. Dexter was broadcasted on the Showtime network for eight seasons which contained 106 episodes. And fortunately, Showtime announced that they are planning to release another mini-season with ten episodes in 2021.

07. Chicago P.D.

21 District (Made up Unit) of Chicago Police Department which has two units fighting crimes in Chicago. The first is the patrol units that watch the city’s streets and prevent crimes. The second is the Intelligence Unit who solves crimes related to high-profile murders, drug trafficking rings, organized crime, and more which the majority of the series focuses on. This would be a nice tv series to watch along with Chicago Fire and Chicago MED if you are a fan of the Third Watch Tv series. Chicago PD includes realistic action, unusual methods of solving crimes, and an awesome storyline where they collide with all kinds of criminals in Chicago. You could catch up with the show on NBC where they broadcasted several seasons and currently showing the eighth season.

08. Rookies

A new cop tv series that started in 2018 made three seasons so far with 54 episodes. The story revolves around the oldest rookie of LAPD John Nolan who is in his 40’s. He starts to pursue his long-life dream of being a police officer from a construction worker after a life-altering situation. He is constantly challenged to prove himself to the department. So he has to face many hardships since he is the only oldest rookie in the department and shows his extraordinary and sometimes humorous ways of solving crimes that happen. Rookies show how hard it to face the cop’s training at the beginning, daily challenges, their personal lives, betrayal of fellow cops, and loss of collogues. This is still being broadcasted on the abc network.

09.Almost Human

Unlike other police, tv shows this one is unique since it tells a story about a human cop and an android cop fighting crimes in the distant future. Dorian the android and the detective John Kennex who hates androids were grouped as partners. They have to find a way to work together in order to solve the crime and protect the citizens. The whole drama is filled with comedy, action, silent comedy, action, suspense, and mystery. This could be also similar to the series RoboCop, especially sci-fi lovers will love to binge-watch this tv series since it’s one of a kind. Almost human was broadcasted on FOX for season 1 with 13 episodes but despite the great ratings the show was canceled, but let’s hope it will get picked up by another network someday.

10. Rookie Blue

Rookie Blue is a tv series from 2010 that revolves around five young cops fresh out of the academy. They were put together with an elite unit where they learn that no much amount of training will help in the new world that they were put in. In the first season, this feels more like a training camp for cops but throughout all of the season. It shows us how rookies’ decisions affect their lives and what they learn every day could improve their instincts and actions. Rookie Blue was a tv series that was on abc network and Global network, for six seasons with 74 total episodes. It was also able to get a 7.7/10  overall IMDB rating. This would be a nice police tv show to watch if you like the Rookie (2018) series.

11. Line of Duty

Line of Duty starts with a police team trying to apprehend an Islamic Terrorist that was planning on the setting of a bomb. But mistakenly the team enters the wrong apartment and kills an innocent man. The lead role Detective Arnott refuses to cover up the incident and since he is unable to work in that unit he gets a transfer to AC-12, a task force that investigates police corruption. Arnott is partnered up with D.C. Kate Fleming and the Line of Duty shows how they investigate and make arrests of corrupt police officers with each season focusing on one case. This series is still being broadcasted on BBC and it has already broadcasted six seasons with a total of thirty-six episodes so far.

12. Luther 

This is a tv series about cases solved by the brilliant yet emotionally driven detective John Luther in the Special Crimes Unit. He is extremely trouble by the crimes committed by perpetrators, a recent divorce, and the show focuses on that most of the time. Every episode is worth watching since every one of them will make you curious about the plot and what unorthodox method will detective Luther use to solve his cases next time. The cast of Luther is excellent as well as the music they have used inside the tv series also makes it more intrigued.  Luther was broadcasted on BBC One and BBC America for 5 seasons which had a total of 21 episodes, and every one of them is worth watching without skipping a second.

13. Castle 

After a copycat serial killer copies a crime scene from a book by best-selling author Rick Castle, he teams up with detective Kate Beckett and his team to find the killer. After the case was over Castle finds a way to be integrated into the team. And using his creativity and intuition and the team’s detective work they solve crimes in the most unorthodox yet sometimes hilarious ways. Working together all the time builds a strong and complicated relationship between Rick and Kate. Castle was broadcasted on the American Broadcasting Company network for eight seasons with 173 total episodes. This is one of the best police tv series that you would never be bored to watch.

14. Bosch

Another amazing tv series about police, with a fabulous storyline and a great cast. The story is about homicide detective Harry Bosch in the Los Angeles police department who has problems with the authority solve cases while following his gut and breaking a few rules here and there. Whatever cases he’s given with he’ll do absolutely everything possible to solve them and find justice for the victims and their families. Every episode of this show leaves you with the curiosity of what will happen in the next episode or the next season. So, this would be a great police tv series to binge-watch. Bosch is an Amazon Prime Video series and they have made six seasons with seventy episodes so far and every one of them is worth watching without skipping.

15. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of those shows that have a great cast, a great storyline, and great chemistry all packed together. For those who like to watch a comedy series yet still want it to be about the police, there is nothing out there like Brooklyn Nine-Nine focusing on the NYPD’s 99 precinct’s detective Jake Peralta and his colleagues. Detective Jake is a very talented detective who has trouble following orders and does whatever he likes to do. His partner Detective Amy Santiago is always competing against her partner. And other colleagues of Detective Jake include Detectives Rosa Diaz, Charles Boyle, Terry Jeffords, and precinct administrator Gina Linetti. The show is about the cases they solve and you would find it really hard to not laugh or even cry sometimes. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was broadcasted on Fox for five seasons and decided to cancel it. Then NBC picked up the show for more sixth and seventh seasons. Until the seventh season, Brookly Nine-Nine had broadcasted 143 episodes. NBC announced a couple of days ago that they are ending the show with the eighth season.

16. True Detective

True detective is not your usual police tv-series and if you are watching one only for the action then this one is not definitely the best choice. If you are in for a great performance this show is would be a great one. And the music they choose for the show from Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and all other tracks make people watch this one without a blink of an eye. True detective shows a past recall of an unusual murder case in 1995 investigated by two detectives. As they tell their story they have to face their unhealed past wounds and have to go back to the world they left behind. This Crime and mystery drama is on HBO and there are three seasons so far with twenty-four episodes.