Best 10 Military TV Shows To Watch in 2021

War is something that could change everything in the world from culture to nature. And there are a lot of movies as well as tv shows made about the military and war. Some of them are real-life stories of soldiers who fought in various battles and survived where some didn’t. Tv shows about the military are for those who need action, crime, mystery, and sometimes even dark humor to watch a tv show. So, we have put together a list of the best military tv series made so far.

Best 10 Military TV Shows of All Time


01. Band of Brothers (2001-2001)

A mini-series about the East company of the U.S. Army 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, which starts from their training in 1942 to the end of World War II in 1945. The story shows how that they parachuted behind enemy lines in D-Day, Liberation of Caraneten and they were the first to enter Hitler’s mountain retreat. It’s a great tv series about heroes without superpowers, who were ordinary but did extraordinary things to support their fellow troops.

02. The Seal Team (2017-)

Just as the name sounds this is a tv series about a Team of Navy Seals Bravo. As you already know Seals are well trained to work under highly pressured operations. Seal Team tells the story of how Bravo’s team members work well with each other to get through highly dangerous life-threatening missions. This is broadcasted on CBS and so far there are four seasons you could watch if you like to watch military tv shows.

03. The Unit (2006-2010)

A tv show revolves around the secret operatives and their families and maybe the only military tv series that did it so far. This tv series shows how well under pressure the secret operatives act, their friendship, sacrifices, how their decisions affect their team lives and their normal lives. The Unit was also broadcasted on CBS from 2006 to 2010 in four seasons consists of seventy episodes that last 1 hour. This definitely is one of the Tv shows that most people would binge-watch and there was a rumor that this will come back someday.

04. The Last Ship (2014-2019)

Naval destroyer Nathan James is sent out on a mission in outer seas with her crew including a scientist. They were told it was a training exercise but it turns out they are the last hope of the whole world. They were given the task to find a cure for a deadly disease that broke out months ago with the help of the scientist. The Last Ship tells the story of the crew of Nathan Jame’s journey to find a cure for it where they face the loss of crew, betrayal, and many more difficulties. For those who would like more of ship or navy tv series, this would be an epic pick.  This was broadcasted on TNT in five seasons with 56 episodes.

05. The Brave (2017-2018)

A family-friendly & realistic military tv series that speaks about how America’s most elite undercover military troop saves lives and executes dangerous missions with the help of the Defence Intelligence Agency Deputy Director and her team of analysts. It highlights the importance of secret ops to the U.S. national security while showing how hard their life is.  The brave was broadcasted on NBC channel in 2017, but after the first season which included 13 episodes, the show got canceled even though there were a lot of people who liked it. Hopefully, NBC or another channel or Netflix will pick this in the future for a season 2.

06. Strike Back (2010-2020)

Adventures of Section 20’s a British MI6’s special ops team all around the world. Despite that Strike Back would not be the best military show to watch with your family, it may be one of the very realistic military tv-series with awesome action, likable characters, and using accurate weapons. Strike back has a fair share of double-crosses, betrayal, revenge, secrets throughout all the seasons which make this show much entertaining. Unfortunately, it’s only suitable for adults since a lot of episodes contain strong language and a lot of adult scenery. Strike Back was broadcasted on Cinemax and Sky One from 2010 to 2020 in 8 seasons with 76 episodes

07. Six (2017-2018)

Another tv series that focuses on a navy seal team and hardships, the real-life issues they face. Inspired by real-life scenarios this series was able to bring out how their family lives and lives on the battlefield go on perfectly. Six tells a story about how Navy Seal Team Six trying to eliminate a Taliban leader in Afghanistan when they find out that there is an American working for the terrorists. Six was broadcasted on the History channel but after one season it was picked up by A+E Networks. There were nineteen episodes broadcasted on both seasons but comparing to other series this one’s rating was very low. Still, it’s a great military tv show to watch in 2021 and hopefully will someday continue for season 3.

08. Our Girl (2013-2020)

A very much realistic UK military tv series that was broadcasted on BBC for 4 seasons with twenty-nine episodes. Unlike other tv series in this list Our Girl focuses on the war adventures of a female medic on the British Army. The show includes all kinds of situations where the soldiers do extraordinary things, boring situations, and awful situations that help the series become more realistic. Unlike other tv series about the military, Our Girl does not try to glorify the war or the characters, which makes this show more unique.

09. Valor (2017-2018)

This one covers a story about an elite unit of helicopter pilots sent on international as well as domestic missions. Throughout the seasons there are flashbacks from a past op of the female helicopter pilot which unravels secrets that the government and personals hold. Eventually, they are able to help save a group of MIA soldiers. Valor was broadcasted on CW for one season with thirteen episodes with a run time of 40 minutes. But it got canceled after one season due to the low rating of the audience but it is still a good show to watch.

10. 68 Whiskey (2020) 

A unique military comedy television series that was broadcasted by Paramount network received an 88% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 68 Whiskey follows a story about men and women of various ethnicities operating as medics in a base in Afghanistan. This must be a great hilarious tv series to watch but since it contains strong language and sexual scenes this wouldn’t be the tv series to watch with your kids. 68 Whiskey was a great show but it was canceled after one season, but there is still hope that someone is going to pick up this tv series.