Best 8 Free VPN Extensions for Chrome in 2021

In today’s world, your personal details are hardly secure when you connect to the internet whether to download something, stream a tv show or just browse. Your ISP and even google keep track of what you do on the internet. Mostly they do that to help you find the things that you are looking such as products and services. But if you want to browse the internet without the hassle or without watching ads all the time you should use a VPN. Now with VPN, you have the option to choose between free VPNs and premium VPN’s which is really affordable. There are also VPNs that you could use in your browser. So, today we are going to help you find the best free VPN extensions for chrome that are easy to use and help you protect your privacy online.

Best 8 Free VPN Extensions for Chrome Browser in 2021


01. TouchVPN

TouchVPN is a 100% lifetime free VPN that is available for almost every device, including mac devices, windows devices, and mobile devices. This VPN has free VPN browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. All you have to do is click the connect button and you are then connected to the internet via an encrypted connection.

You could access any website in any country that your ISP has blocked for free. TouchVPN does not have restricted bandwidth or browsing/streaming speed. They have over 5000 servers in 90+ countries to make that possible. So, the TouchVPN chrome browser extension is the best free VPN for streaming or unlocking any geo-locked content for free.

They offer unlimited data so you could stream any tv show or movie that you want to watch without getting more errors such as this content is blocked for your country. You could also use this VPN to connect to the internet on a public Wi-Fi hotspot without worrying about anonymity.

02. SetupVPN

A lifetime free VPN that you could use from anywhere in the world without any hidden charges or any premium plans. They give every premium features that other premium VPNs have for free. SecureVPN supports almost every mobile device, SmartTV’s, routers and you could also use it as a VPN extension in a chrome browser (available for other browsers as well).

SecureVPN is another good free VPN extension out there for streaming content online since it does not restrict your bandwidth or browsing speed. You could unlock any streaming site, any news site that is geo-locked or blocked by your ISP for free without any buffering time. This VPN is also great compared to Tor Browser since it’s available in any country where the Tor browser is blocked.

To use the VPN you do have to register but all you have to do is click and they do not ask any questions. SecureVPN also provides you access to a lot of locations for free without any restriction. You could also contact their premium support if you ever run into any trouble using SecureVPN and the great thing is you don’t have to pay anything for it. Unlike most free VPNs, SecureVPN doesn’t collect any of your data in order to provide anonymous browsing at the best.

03. ZenMate VPN

Another great free VPN extension with military-grade 256-bit encryption that you could use for a lifetime for free. From the moment that you click connect button on ZenMate VPN you are protected from hackers, the government, and your ISP that watch over you. While they have premium plans called ZenMate Pro and ZenMate Ultimate, the Free version allows you to use the chrome and firefox VPN extension.

With the free version, you could connect to four locations using one device. To help people stay online while protecting their identity and privacy all ZenMate plans do not keep any data or logs of your online activities. They have optimized servers for streaming which makes this another great VPN for streaming but you could only access that feature in the ZenMate Pro and ZenMate Ultimate versions.

Compared to other paid VPNs for streaming and anonymous browsing, ZenMate provides the most affordable plans. ZenMate Pro only cost 59$ for 3 years and with it, you could get access to optimized streaming servers, 2600 server locations in 78+ countries around the world, a stealth connection feature, and even access to their premium support.

04. Betternet

Betternet is another free VPN with a chrome extension that could connect you to the internet with a secure connection in just a few clicks. It’s available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. And Betternet is a great free VPN for online streaming, online gaming, protect your privacy, and browsing online anonymously. What makes this VPN unique from the VPN chrome extensions we covered here is you do not have to register to use it. All you have to do is install the extension and click the connect button.

This VPN like most other VPNs protects you from hackers and harmful viruses and websites. It also helps you to stream movies and tv shows at a good speed even if your ISP is speed throttling. You could use this VPN for streaming content from Youtube, BBC iPlayer, and many more geo-locked streaming websites.

Betternet also has a premium version which includes more features for 95.88$ per year.  Using the premium version you could link up to 5 devices, No ads, and more server location options for a reasonable price.

05. Windscribe 

A lifetime free VPN that is designed to work in almost every device and operating system. Windscribe offers more than regular privacy protection compared to most other free VPNs such as ads and tracker blocking, social media blocking, cookie monitoring, and more features.

This VPN is easy to use and will provide you access to blocked (either country blocked or ISP blocked) entertainment websites, news sites, torrenting sites, streaming sites, and more blocked content over in 62 countries for free in unlimited devices without buying the premium version.

Windscribe helps you to unlock a lot of geo-located streaming services for free. You get 10GB of free data each month to stream for around 5 hours which could be more than five episodes in HD quality for free. Windscribe VPN free version works well with BBC iPlayer, HBO GO, Youtube, and many other streaming websites.

Also, free users get access to over 60 counties to connect and military-grade protection. And if you recommend Windscribe to a friend of yours, both you and your friends get an extra 1GB per month.

The Premium version of Windscribe costs 9$ a month. If you choose to buy the yearly plan, it will only cost you 49$, where you could save 59$ per year. The Premium version gives you access to more locations to connect and unlimited data.

06. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a cross-platform free VPN that works on every kind of device from PC to Smartphones. They have a VPN app for windows and iOS users also. They have a free VPN extension for chrome that you could use. It’s effortless to use, and you have to install the extension and click connect button to turn on the secure connection.

Streaming access is limited but has no trouble accessing iPlayer and some other streaming sites as well. Free users get around 500Mb free data per day, and you can only change region to the US.  Connection speed is limited to 2mbps, but streaming speed was outstanding.

Hotspot Shield has military-grade 256-bit encryption and a killswitch to help you protect your privacy online. But they keep track of some data, so privacy is much less than the Hotspot Shield premium version, which costs 7.99$/month. Buying Hotspot Shield Premium will give you access to more features, and they will not collect any private data from you.

Hotspot Shield premium could be used in 5 devices without any data limits making and with a 1Gbps connection speed, making it a great VPN for streaming. You could also use the premium version on SmartTV’s and Linux systems.

07. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the best premium VPNs for streaming and browsing content online anonymously. While it’s not your typical free VPN, they do offer a hassle-free trial for 30 days which you could use to experience all the premium features that NordVPN offers. It has both chrome and firefox VPN extensions as well as working on almost every device including android TVs.

Most free VPNs help you to connect to the internet safely but still, you have to suffer the trouble of ads and keeping even a little bit of log data. NordVPN helps you to connect to the internet with no ads and they don’t keep any of your data. And their browsing speed is the highest so far and they got military-grade protection which is great for your online privacy. Because of those features, NordVPN is the best VPN for Streaming so far. You could unlock almost every website that’s country locked and they also provide you protection from harmful websites.

It’s not a free VPN, but you could get the 30 day trial for free and use every premium feature they offer. And their premium plans cost 59$ year or 89$ for 2 years which is pretty much affordable for the features they offer you.

08. Hola VPN

This is the first community-powered or peer-to-peer VPN available for free. It’s also one of the most highest-rated free VPN extensions that could give you a secure connection in just three clicks. Hola VPN free plan lets you access over 500 servers around the world but you could use it only on one device at the same time. It works well on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

Once you chose a server and click the connect button you are connected to the internet with an encrypted connection which will help you stay anonymous online. Even a free plan allows you to use unlimited data making this a good VPN extension for streaming content online. So you could unlock blocked content with Hola VPN free but you could only watch them on SD quality. If you want to watch content that is country locked in HD quality you need to buy the Hola Premium which costs 2.99$/month.


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