10 Best 4K Movie Streaming Services in 2022

A couple of years ago 4K was only affordable for wealthy people. But over time, now anyone who wishes to watch 4K movies with suitable devices can stream movies in 4K without paying a lot of money.

If you want to watch movies in 4K, but are not sure which streaming service to subscribe to? Then you came to the right place. In this post, we review the best 4K movie streaming services available in 2022 to help you find the best streaming service for you.

Top 10 4K Movie Streaming Services in 2022

01. Netflix

This is one of the first services that offered 4K Ultra HD content with the second season of the House of Cards series. Some of the popular series on Netflix are currently being shot in 4K, and some are in HDR and Dolby Vision. However, only Netflix’s premium plan allows you to watch 4K Ultra HD content.

02. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video is a free service included in the Amazon Prime Subscription, and it holds an extensive collection of 4K Ultra HD Movies. This service has only a selection of 4K Ultra HD movies that you could stream for free, and they do change every month. The ones that are not free would cost around 4$ to rent and 20$ to buy a 4K UHD movie.

03. Hulu

This is one of the best affordable movie streaming services available today, and they were also one of the streaming services that started to stream 4K UHD movies first. Back in 2018, they pulled all of the 4K content without any notice. But they once again began to stream 4K Ultra HD movies, and in the future, you would see more 4K titles on Hulu.

04. Ultraflix

When it comes to 4K content, Ultraflix sure has a lead compared to other streaming services with 4K movies. It holds films such as  Robocop, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Fargo in 4K, and it has licensed over 38 IMAX Documentaries and TV shows.

05. Disney+

Disney Plus holds over 600 movies and many of which are available to stream in 4K Ultra HD and HDR. You can stream movies such as Avatar, Avengers, Bolt, Brave in 4K on Disney Plus. And many of the new additions to the service library would be in 4K.

06. Apple TV

With the release of Apple TV 4K, iTunes added a vast collection of 4K and HDR movies to its store. They are available to rent or purchase. Unlike other streaming services, Apple charges the same price for 4K movies as well as for HD movies. And prices are pretty affordable compared to other streaming services that include 4K movies.

07. Vudu

Vudu is a movie rental/download service that has one of the lowers movie rental prices. And they are currently adding 4K UHD content to its collection. You can find the latest movies in 4K UHD quality, and they are a part of Movies Anywhere. Vudu also expanded support for more devices. So, this is an excellent place to rent 4K UHD movies from.

08. Youtube TV

The streaming service by Google has a small library of 4K movies which you could easily search using the movie title. The movies are available in 4K, 4K HDR, and UHD, and you may also find live events and 4K tv shows on Youtube TV.

09. HBO Max

HBO Max now has close to 30 content titles streaming in 4K Ultra HD while they are planning to add more content to the service. However, it is safe to say that compared to most other streaming platforms HBO Max is way behind on 4K Ultra HD Movies and even 4K TV Shows.

10. Fubo TV

Fubo TV is an affordable streaming service that also offers good 4K content that is supported in many devices, including Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, and more. Unfortunately Fubo TV currently only has a limited amount of 4K content which mostly are live sports and other live tv events.

The Bottom Line

Watch 4K movies were a rare thing a couple of years ago. However, you could see that technology is vastly available through many streaming services, which are pretty affordable. But when it comes to 4K movies, Netflix seems to have the lead while Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Ultraflix have fast-growing 4K movie libraries. Hopefully, in the future more 4K movies will be available through these streaming services.

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